Tengger Caldera - Photos

Volcanoes of Java: Tengger caldera (2005)

The Tengger caldera just before sunrise.

The Tengger caladera just after sunrise.

Batok volcano in the evening.

In the foreground, ancient Semeru, in the background the Tengger caldera, seen from Semeru's summit. Sunrise, silhouette of Argopuro volcano in the background. Sunrise on the rim of the Tengger caldera.
Bromo (left) and Batok volcanoes (right) Dust devil on the Sand Sea, Tengger caldera. No lava flow, but bush fires climbing the steep, vegetated walls of the caldera. Close-up of a bush fire on the caldera wall.

Tengger caldera (2004)

Classic views over the huge Tengger caldera, Bromo volcano and smoking Semeru in the background. The extinct and deeply eroded, ca. 150m high Batok volcanic cone inside the caldera (next to Bromo).
The flat bottom of the caldera, called "Sand Sea" and Bromo in the background.
Steep caldera walls, composed of numerous lava flows.