Java, Indonesia: People

People of Java, Indonesia (1)

Four sisters plus one brother from Sumatra during a visit of Borobodur temple. Boys climbing a slippery wooden poll in order to gather prizes attached to an umbrella on its top. Fascinating modern tecnology...
Sate vendor on the street. Young archaeologist guide at Borobodur. My little cat and my brother. Young communist students.

Market women

Primary school children.

Market scenes

People of Java, Indonesia (2)

Sulphur carrier at Kawah Ijen. Grass for the animals. Goods for the market. Gilrs running a sweets shop.
The French way,- Stephane flirting at his best... While (almost) everyone contemplates his fate on such a smelling volcano, heavily suffering from Ijen's sulphur gasses... ...some are unaffected by such adverse circumstances when stronger attractions are present!
Man and motors... Not only the men!
The wise and the proud. Indonesians love to smile...