photo gallery



- the lava flows from the NNE vent of the South East Crater in May 2001 -

31 May: Bocca Nuova crater

Wonderful colors inside and above Bocca Nuova.

Robby (not the spanish tourist...) on the rim of the W pit. What Robby sees: the inside crater cone.  A new vent on the E wall of the E pit. A glowing round hole, ca. 5 m in diameter that emits jets of gas every few minutes.

31 May: Skylight and lavaflows during the day

A beautiful skylight below the NNE vent (cone on left image).

The lava channel. Branching flow Floating pieces of crust. 
Island in the lava flow. Observing the huge front of a aa lava flow created by a sudden surge of lava.

31 May: Lavaflows at dusk and at night

At dusk. The shadow of Etna over the sea.

Marco (on the small hill, right picture) taking pitures of a lava flow.

Right: The vent (above right) and some flows.

Lava flow and lights of town of Giarre in the background. Etna seen from Toarmina (4 June).